Log on to a table read of my rap musical Validation!

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Poster for rap musical Validation by David thorpe table read from New Works Playhouse

I’m happy to invite you to a table read of my rap musical Validation! It’s on May 31 at 7.30pm on Zoom.

Tickets are available from here: https://www.thenewworksplayhouse.org/event-details/live-table-read-validation-a-rap-musical-by-david-thorpe.

It’s produced by the New Works Playhouse.


I had been hopeful that Validation could have been developed in the last year for actual theatres in Wales but the pandemic halted development funding.

The idea of this table read (there won’t be music unlike the above trailer) is to get feedback so that this can possibly happen as things open up again. So I’d like to ask you, that if you watch the reading, I’d be grateful for any feedback and advice on whether you think this is worth developing, and, if so, how. Thanks.

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The actors share out the ticket sales equally, so the more people watch/pay, the more they get! Please invite anybody you think might enjoy it. Thank you for your support.

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