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Marvel’s world-famous Cinematic Universe is set in an alternate reality called Earth 616. My new book, The Secret Origin of Earth 616, reveals how it came to be.

front cover the secret origin of earth 616 by david thorpe

I always wanted to be a writer for Marvel comics when I was a child. Find out how I fulfilled that dream and how my stories of a little-known British superhero spawned the multiverse which became the setting of the most successful film franchise of all time.

Discover why superheroes are so popular, the importance of the secret identity and the world of British comics in the 1980s and 1990s, the power of alternative realities and alternative versions of yourself, and how I used this concept to overcome my disability.

If you’d like a sneak preview or an interview to write a review, get in touch and let me know where the review would appear, and I will send you a link to an online version of the book.

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