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David co-wrote The Fastest Forward for Comic Relief, a feature film starring Jerry Hall, co-founded the London Screenwriters’ Workshop, and is co-author of Captain Britain and Doctor Who for Marvel Comics and the Doc Chaos comics and TV scripts commissioned by Limehouse Pictures.

He’s written a stage play, a few shorts, plus tv and film script adaptations of his prize-winning SF novel Hybrids, which he is trying to get into development. Other scripts in the same boat are children’s tv series Young  Hood, Fifty Pink Elephants, a dark comedy thriller feature, and a spec Captain Britain tv script.


Hybrids: We Are Human Too (TV series): Johnny – half computer – and Kestrella – her hand is her smartphone – are hybrids, victims of a new incurable disease that merges people with frequently-used gadgets. Together they battle a conspiracy that will lead them to the top of a country in chaos. Hybrids is X-Men meets Mr Robot for the tech-addicted.

Young Hood: (Feature/Pilot): Robin the Hood and his gang aged 12 are forced to fight for justice in a war-torn country seething with dangerous magic. With global family appeal it puts the popular legend on a whole new level.

Fifty Pink Elephants (Feature):  Warring New York and London drug dealers and corrupt detectives confront the indomitable guile of remote Snowdonian villagers to retrieve 25 kilos of lost cocaine. In Bruges meets Whiskey Galore with a feminist twist.

Captain Britain (TV series): Britain needs its own Marvel superhero series. This reboot with the wit, pace and style of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Marvel’s Avengers, explores what it means to be a superhero in post-Brexit multicultural Britain.

Previous credits include (also listed on Talent Manager):


  • Calon Cymru (2017) – Director/writer, short for Calon Cymru Network
  • Rock of Ages (2014) – (22 short films) Producer, National Botanic Garden of Wales
  • The Water’s Edge (2011) – Special Thanks, Short, Cup of Tea Films
  • The Fastest Forward (1991) – Co-writer, Comic Relief


  • Danny Lion Tamer (2002) – (Script Editor) Brown Bag Productions
  • Doc Chaos (1985) – (Co-Writer) Limehouse Pictures – 4 x 1hour tv drama


  • Plot! (1999) – (Writer) MOMA Wales