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One Planet Cities book coverOne Planet Cities: Sustaining Humanity within Planetary Limits

Out May 2019. How can the essential needs of the growing human population be met without breaking the Earth’s already-stretched life-support system? This title builds on the work of Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics and the Global Footprint Network.

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The One Planet Life cover The One Planet Life: A Blueprint for Low Impact Development

A how to book, and a manifesto for a change in attitude to land, planning and development. The purpose of The One Planet Life (Routledge, January 2015) is to encourage a transition by everyone to a way of life in which people don’t act as if we had more than one planet Earth. The difference between this approach and others is that it uses ecological footprint analysis to help evaluate the success of one’s practice. Measuring success using this tool will help us find how effective our efforts are.  There is a website about it here. Buy using the PayPal below for £28.10 + £3.25 p+p (full retail price is £32.99)

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Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference book cover

Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference

A wealth of information on the principles of passive solar building and passive house, a ten-step design and build strategy, calculating solar irradiance, factors affecting the choice of building materials, passive heating and cooling principles and techniques in different climates, the Passivhaus Standard and natural and augmented lighting and notes on technology and building occupation. Buy using the PayPal button below for £25.50 + £1.50 p+p:

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Solar Energy Pocket Referrence book cover

Solar Energy Pocket Reference

A wealth of practical information relating to solar energy and solar energy technologies. Topics covered include solar radiation and its detailed measurement, the emissivity and absorption properties of materials, solar thermal energy collection and storage, photovoltaics (both at all scales), solar cooling, and the use of solar energy for desalination and drying. Buy using the PayPal button below for £25.50 + £1.50 p+p:

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Energy Management in Buildings

Energy Management in Buildings by David Thorpe - coverFor all professional energy, building and facilities managers, energy consultants, students, trainees and academics. Covers all aspects of ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems. It takes the reader from basic concepts to the latest advanced thinking, with principles applicable anywhere in the world and in any climate. Includes interviews with experienced energy managers sharing their secrets. Covers the human angle as well as the technology.

‘Provides a complete introduction to the subject of energy management, and will, I’m sure, be useful to both trainees and novices and industry veterans seeking an updating of their knowledge with the latest developments. David is a clear writer, who manages to make the most technical subjects accessible. He has a clear overview of all sectors and technologies.’ Nick Bent, Editor of Energy Focus Magazine.

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Energy Management in Industry book coverEnergy Management in Industry

Twin title with the above (published January 2014). Includes a chapter on data centres. Both can be read alongside training for ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems.

An easy to read book about how you can save energy in your company. He does this without [needing] to over complicate it with technical details and scientific formula. I enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it to energy managers and anyone who would want to reduce energy consumption.’ Kit Oung, Energy Consultant and author of Energy Management in Business, Committee Member, British Standards Institute BSI-KSA.

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Solar Technology

Solar Technology, The Earthscan Expert Guide to Using Solar Energy for Heating, Cooling and Electricity by David ThorpeFor anyone who wants to be able to tell their solar thermal from their solar electric from their passive solar. Solar energy is free, abundant and sustainable, with many methods existing to harness it. This abundantly illustrated guide is the essential introduction to the subject, explaining how the technologies work, how best they should be employed, and the costs and benefits of using them.

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Sustainable Home Refurbishment

Sustainable Home Refurbishment: The Earthscan Expert Guide to Retrofitting Homes for Efficiency by David ThorpeA retro-fit offers many benefits: cutting electricity and heating bills, increasing the resale value of homes, slashing carbon emissions and creating a healthier place to live. This extremely well illustrated colour book is the guide to making it happen.

“Sustainable Home Refurbishment by David Thorpe is very clearly written and illustrated and covers pretty much all bases in terms of deciding how you’d want to proceed.” – Gordon Glass, The Superhomes Network

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Best Practices for Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency book coverBest Practices for Improving Industrial Energy Efficiency

(with Kit Oung and Steven Fawkes) This book is aimed at supporting governments in industrial energy efficiency policy-making through sharing international experiences and the preconditions for successful implementation of policies and programmes, with many examples.

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The role of natural gas in mega-cities up to 2050

A discussion paper prepared for The International Gas Union in 2016 on whether gas is to be a cost‐effective ‘bridge’ to a decarbonised world, with reference to refers to present trends in the areas of science, technology, policy and legislation.

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Sustainable Transport Fuels book coverSustainable Transport Fuels

All about state-of-the-art electric, hydrogen, hybrid and biofuel transport. This short ebook explains — for a global business audience — the latest developments in the world of sustainable transport. Not the vehicles or modes of transport themselves, but their means of propulsion. How sustainable is it? Available from the publisher, for £20 (less for the e-book).

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Solar Photovoltaics Business Briefing book coverSolar Photovoltaics Business Briefing

 All about PV and the state of the market. This ebook explains, for a UK business audience, the technical, scientific and economic aspects of solar photovoltaics (PV) technologies. It is useful to anyone considering a business use of solar PV, whether an investor, potential purchaser, or thinking of setting up a company in the sector. Available from the publisher for £20 (less for the e-book).

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