Solar Technology

Solar Technology by David ThorpeFor anyone who wants to be able to tell their solar thermal from their solar electric from their passive solar. Solar energy is free, abundant and sustainable, with many methods existing to harness it. This abundantly illustrated guide is the essential introduction to the subject, explaining how the technologies work, how best they should be employed, and the costs and benefits of using them. It provides detailed yet accessible coverage of:

  • passive solar building
  • solar water heating
  • solar space heating
  • other solar thermal applications (such as cooling and desalination)
  • grid-connected photovoltaics
  • stand-alone photovoltaics.

It also introduces the reader to larger scale applications such as concentrating solar power. The future will run on solar power, and this is your opening into it. Highly illustrated in full colour, this is the perfect primer for anyone who wants to work with or simply learn more about solar technologies.


1. Introduction 2. Passive Solar Building 3. Solar Water Heating 4. Solar Space Heating 5. Other Solar Thermal Applications 6. Grid-connected Photovoltaics 7. Stand-alone Photovoltaics 8. Concentrating Solar Power 9. Conclusion 10. Resources

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