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Hi, dear reader

I know I said in previous posts that my book The Secret Origin of Earth 616 would be out by now.

But I had a “hold” put on it by Marvel. They wanted their name removed from the title.

I was really worried they would prevent the publication of the book.

But it turned out that they couldn’t approve any book with Marvel in the title that wasn’t published by them.

So I had to remove the word Marvel from the title, which meant changing the cover.

Both they and the publisher have now approved the new title and the cover. Here it is:

front cover the secret origin of earth 616 by david thorpe

So it is currently being prepared for publication just in time for Christmas.

What is the book about?

Most of the Marvel movies are set in Earth 616. It is an alternate version of our Earth.

The book tells the story of how I came up with Earth 616, when I was writing Captain Britain for Marvel UK back in the 1980ies.

It’s also an account of what 616 means, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other inventions in comics I had in the 1980ies and 1990ies.

There’s a section on the best graphic novels that never happened.

What do alternative universes mean for you?

What would alternative versions of you be like? Would they be richer? Poorer? Luckier or unluckier? The last chapter discusses these possibilities.

The Secret Origin of Earth 616 will be out next month. You can pre-order it here.


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