Energy Management in Buildings

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Energy management in buildings by David ThorpeThe role of the energy manager has evolved significantly as the task of cutting greenhouse gas emissions from buildings has become increasingly important. Managers are now technical experts, negotiators, construction project managers, procurement specialists, efficiency advocates and often provide energy services to others.

This title can be read alongside training for and implementation of ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems. It takes the reader from basic concepts to the latest advanced thinking, with principles applicable anywhere in the world and in any climate. It also includes interviews with existing energy managers and recognises that saving energy is only partly about technology – it’s also about people and how you deal with them.

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This comprehensive book covers how to:

  • conduct an energy audit
  • plan a monitoring and verification strategy
  • make any energy-saving campaign successful
  • evaluate and make the financial case for energy-saving measures
  • make use of free energy for lighting and managing heat loss and gain.

It also contains special chapters on:

  • ventilation, heating and cooling
  • demand management through automated systems
  • lighting
  • regulatory requirements in Britain, Europe and the United States
  • the use of smart meters and monitoring
  • how to achieve zero energy buildings
  • the use of renewable energy.

For all professional energy, building and facilities managers, energy consultants, students, trainees and academics. It takes the reader from basic concepts to the latest advanced thinking, with principles applicable anywhere in the world and in any climate.


‘Provides a complete introduction to the subject of energy management, and will, I’m sure, be useful to both trainees and novices and industry veterans seeking an updating of their knowledge with the latest developments. David is a clear writer, who manages to make the most technical subjects accessible. He has a clear overview of all sectors and technologies.’ – Nick Bent, Editor of Energy Focus Magazine


Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1: Measuring energy consumption; Chapter 2: Metering; Energy Professional Interview: Ashley Baxter; Chapter 3: Making change happen; Energy Professional Interview: Lisa Gingell; Chapter 4: Airtightness and insulation; Energy Professional Interview: Phil Bilyard; Chapter 5: Lighting; Energy Professional Interview: Andrew Bray; Chapter 6: Passive heating, cooling and air conditioning; Energy Professional Interview: James White; Chapter 7: Active heating, cooling and air conditioning; Chapter 8: Minimising water use; Energy Professional Interview: Robert Kelk; Chapter 9: Renewable electricity; Energy Professional Interview: Kit Oung; Chapter 10: Making the financial case; Conclusion; Appendix

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