David Thorpe at the Hay FestivalDavid is a novelist, screenwriter and comics writer. His fiction is for adults, young adults and older children.

He's the author of YA novel Hybrids, in which a virus causes teenagers to merge with technology in a terror-filled near-future world. Hybrids is "a stunningly clever novel" – The Times – and was winner of the HarperCollins-Saga Magazine 2006 Childrens Novelist competition. 

His latest novel is the futuristic romantic tragedy/fantasy, Stormteller.

His 8,000 word story about Britain and Barcelona in 2080, For The Greater Good, is published in May 2017's free e-book Weatherfronts.

David's also written the novella: Doc Chaos: the Chernobyl Effect, plus many comics and cartoon strips such as Marvel's Captain Britain and Doc Chaos, commissioned originally as a tv series.

This interview by Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe with David gives a good summary! He talks about working for Marvel Comics, Hybrids, Stormteller, and caring for the environment:


David Thorpe on MTV 2010 He also co-wrote The Fastest Forward for Comic Relief, a feature film starring Jerry Hall, and co-founded the London Screenwriters' Workshop in the '80s.

One completed further novel is awaiting a contract: LifeTheftHe is developing a film version of Hybrids and is working on an SF novel, The Moebius Trip, which is probably the most mind-boggling time travel story you will ever read.

He's a member of the Society of Authors and Literature Wales. He lives in Wales with his wife, the musician and composer Helen Adam.

David Thorpe, author of HybridsSelected Credits:

 Writing Magazine interview with David Thorpe June 09Here's an interview in Writing Magazine with David by Anita Rowe's interview with David from from June '09.