David Thorpe at the Hay FestivalDavid is a novelist, screenwriter and comics writer. His fiction is for adults, young adults and older children. He has mild cerebral palsy.

Some of his feelings about having CP informed the writing of YA novel Hybrids, in which a virus causes teenagers to merge with technology in a terror-filled near-future world. Hybrids is "a stunningly clever novel" – The Times – and was winner of the HarperCollins-Saga Magazine 2006 Childrens Novelist competition. 

His latest novel is the futuristic romantic tragedy/fantasy, Stormteller.

David's also written the novella: Doc Chaos: the Chernobyl Effect, plus many comics and cartoon strips such as Marvel's Captain Britain and Doc Chaos, commissioned originally as a tv series.

This interview by Hannah Murray of Talk Radio Europe with David gives a good summary! He talks about working for Marvel Comics, Hybrids, Stormteller, and caring for the environment:

David Thorpe on MTV 2010 He also co-wrote The Fastest Forward for Comic Relief, a feature film starring Jerry Hall, and co-founded the London Screenwriters' Workshop in the '80s.

Several new novels and scripts are in various stages of development.

He's a member of the Society of Authors and Literature Wales. He lives in Wales.

David Thorpe, author of HybridsSelected Credits:

 Writing Magazine interview with David Thorpe June 09Here's an interview in Writing Magazine with David by Anita Rowe's interview with David from from June '09.